Wedding FAQ


~ Do I receive the digital files? Yes! I believe strongly that clients should have their high-resolution digital images for making their own prints and albums. I typically deliver 2 full sets of edited images on discs within 3 weeks of the wedding. Editing and delivery of the digital files are included in the flat fee. In exchange for complete control of the digital files, I request that clients use a high-quality photo lab. Your images will look their best when printed from a high-quality lab, and I will be happy to provide recommendations of local and online labs that can provide excellent prints at reasonable prices 

~ Do you sell/include albums too? Yes! I do work with several album companies to provide various album options to clients. I don't include them in the flat fee, however, because I've found that the majority of my clients don't want albums, since they have the digital files and can make their own arrangements. I can provide albums though, even years later since I'll always have the images archived.  

~ Do you provide an on-line gallery? Yes. I use an online gallery provider, and your friends and family can view a slideshow and/or purchase prints of all sizes and have them shipped domestically or internationally. Since my clients have digital files of all their images within a few weeks of the wedding, many choose to create their own galleries with their provider of choice to share with friends and family. Password-protected client galleries from both the wedding AND photobooth can be accessed from my website under Client Access.  

~ Will you be the primary photographer? Yes, I'll be there with a another professional photographer as my second shooter. I've never missed a wedding, but in the unlikely event that I am prevented from shooting your wedding due to illness or other emergency, I reserve the right to substitute another experienced, professional photographer in my place.  

~ Are our images edited, and what about color versus black & whites, etc.? Yes, all images are individually edited for at least basic sharpening, brightening, and color-correction. I'll add lots of additional polishing as needed, and there'll be plenty of creative additions and black & whites too. If clients have certain editing preferences (more black & whites, etc.) then I will gladly try to accommodate that request. Normally 10-20% of images are presented in black & white.  

~ How do engagement sessions normally work? The shoot will be on-location anywhere in the Charlottesville area, lasting approximately an hour. Clients will receive a disc of digital images within approximately 2 weeks. I generally include 4x6 prints of my favorites too.