Laura and Alex, June2015, King Family Vineyards

Ashleigh and Chad, May2015, Pippin Hill Farm and Winery

Lily and Matt, June2015, Lynchburg,Va

Melissa and Josh, May2015, Trump Winery Grand Hall

Jenn and Will, June2015, Veritas Vineyard and Winery

Jayme and Brian, May 2015, King Family Vineyards

Emily and Ryan, May2015, King Family Vineyards

Stephanie and Jason, May2015

2015 Monticello Naturalization Ceremony, 7-4-15

Some photo highlights:  

Jing and Ben, 4-18-15, Mt Ida Farm

Snoop Dog, Charlottesville 2015

I’m not a huge fan of black and white concert shots normally, but found the super cool-blue lighting to be distracting at this show. I like the b&w rendering a bit better overall, thus lots of b&w’s here!  

2014 Charlottesville wedding vendors (in action) #2

More fun photos of my colleagues at local weddings in 2014